4th TRAP by EDS UI 2015

01 Apr 2015

Hello people! English Debating Society-Universitas Indonesia are going to hold The 4th Annual Training in Rebuttals, Arguments, and Principles (4th TRAP) on Saturday, 18 April 2015 (8AM to 6PM), open for general audience. This event offer you presale and on the spot prices, that are

  • IDR 80k per 5 people (only till 4th April)
  • IDR 85k per 3 people (only till 4th April)
  • IDR 90k (till 17th April)
  • IDR 100k (on the spot)

This event consist of seminar and training. In seminar, we will bring you general debate, continued by construction on arguments and rebuttals. Not only that, we provide you economics and artificial intelligence issues. All of these are guaranteed to advance your debating and public speaking skills. In the session, there are several keynote speakers

  • Melanie Tedja (Econoler, Monash University, many times best speaker of Founders Throphy, IVED, Australian Intervarsity, etc.)
  • Dayu Nirma Amurwanti (World Bank, champion of IVED ITB, ALSA UI, etc.)
  • Hisar Maruli Manurung, Ph.D. (Lecturer of Universitas Indonesia, Founder of EDS UI)

Afterwards, you will go into focus group discussion with EDS-UI’s fabulous members who won lots of debate competition too. There, you can ask anything about debate or certain issues.

This principles can be applied in your class daily presentation. Philosophy on how to build your arguments makes you good in explaining what is the point on your presentation. Other principles like deliver rebuttal improve skill in answering questions. Our event include lunch, snacks, convenient locations, and a certificate. No doubt to register!



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